Sure, you need to have a sense of logic, amount of skill in critical thinking, and patience; but there are other variables that are necessary when solving brain teasers. For example, did you know that coffee and cigarettes are not good enough as a snack or morning meal? Your body needs fuel to function and with the brain, it is important to provide it with sufficient levels of blood glucose.

Blood glucose is also known as fuel for the brain. From the University of Dakota in the U.S., Professors Wang and Dvorak have studied the effects of glucose levels on human thinking patterns. Their studies show that it’s easier to solve difficult mental problems if your blood glucose is higher. Furthermore, if you have higher glucose levels it’s easier to focus and be less inclined to impulsive decisions.

The old saying about having a good hearty breakfast runs true based on this study and it will help you make decisions, solve problems and work out brain teasers better.

Exercise is the second variable to solving brain twisters. By increasing your heart rate, you end up perspiring and this sharpens your memory and helps you fight memory loss. How so?

Scientists explain that exercise, whether aerobics or sports, improves your blood circulation. The oxygen in your bloodstream will keep your brain stimulated. Stress-wise, you are less tight and able to think better. Under pressure, one performs instead of panicking over the problem.

The third variable is trying new kinds of puzzles as often as possible and not quitting any just because you hit a roadblock. This is a very significant factor because it disciplines you and keeps your mind entertained. One day, you could try Sudoku and then the next day some other word problems. Trying to figure out patterns and riddles can also be exciting if you add some competition into the equation. Have an informal race between friends to see who can solve a brain twister faster than the others.

There you have it! These are three more essential variables to help you solve brain teasers faster and better. Why not start with these puzzles?

Death Row

You’re on death row and your number is up for tomorrow. Suddenly the governor shows up with a proposal. He says he will give some prisoners a chance for freedom. Each one will be given either a red or black hat. You won’t be able to see the colour of your hat but you can see the colours of the other prisoners’ hats. Each one will be asked one question: “What is the colour of your hat?” If the answer is correct, the prisoner is saved. How can you communicate with all other prisoners to find out the colour of your hat?

Clue: There’s more than one answer.

Packaging Twister

You are given 3 boxes and you must label each one correctly. The boxes are already labelled but incorrectly. They are handed to you: Box 1: nails, Box 2: screws, Box 3: nails and screws. You are allowed to take one item out of the box without looking inside. How can you label the boxes properly?

Good luck!